Pirates Matcha Chai Latte

Ceremonial Grade. Perfect Spice Balance. Just Enough Muscovado Sweetness. Coffee House Secret–Direct to You.

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Your lovely chai: Can't emphasize enough how much I enjoy starting my morning with a cup of Pirate's Chai.  I ordered another bag of the Reserve today.
Thank you for continuing to make the beautiful product.

S., Los Angeles, CA


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Steam Whole Milk or Alt Milk "Very Hot, No Foam No Air"

Add milk leaving room to stir, and add Scoop or Pak.

Stir vigorously, add remaining milk. That's it!

1 tbsp Pirates for 12oz; 2 tsp for 1 cup (8oz)

Reserve: use less, or not!

No Filtering No Straining No Water

Milk: HOT, No Froth No Air, No Non/LowFat!

Stir as you enjoy

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