What you have said about Pirate's Chai:

OMG you guys, there's @pirateschai ice cream. SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING. [Look for it at TIFA].

I decided to treat myself for New Years by buying a bag of my most favorite frothy drink ever! I'm a regular consumer of Ceremonial Grade Matcha so when I came across the Pirates Chai in Topanga 8 years ago I could no longer drive past the cafe without getting one to go. With hemp milk which I don't ordinarily drink this combo is heaven on earth with ecstasy sprinkled from top to bottom! Thank you for making such a divine beverage! It's a treat each and every time I consume it! Love the love you put in it, along with the best ingredients ever! It's truly my drug of choice!
Sis Elliott, Calabasas

Pirate chai!
Josh D., San Francisco; Foursquare at Triptych SF

got a chai latte and it was beyond perfection. the perfect balance of creamy and spicy.
Kirstie A., San Francisco; Yelp at Hollow SF

They also offered some kind of miracle chai tea that the boyfriend ordered. Very yummy!
Christina C., Santa Clara; Yelp at Triptych SF

My chai tea latte might have been the best I've ever enjoyed.
Alyssa R., Oakland Yelp at Lakeview Cafe

First and foremost, they have the best Chai in the Bay Area. Hands DOWN! ...you absolutely must stop by for the chai. My mom and my wife both said they didn't like chai, until they tasted this one. It is superior to any other I have had. It's truly a treat.
Bethtina W., Oakland Yelp at Lakeview Cafe

my favorite tea. i don’t think matcha gets better than this.
The Vegan Explorer Maddie, Miniavocado on Blogspot

If you like chai tea, try their pirate chai. I am not sure why they call it pirate chai, though.  Rather than evoke feelings of daring do and swash buckling, it  was warm, delicious, and a perfect companion to me studying.
Vincent R., Los Angeles CA

It's that spiciness plus the hearty earthy matcha leaf that are going to get me through the winter. Ayurvedically, it's the answer to my winter spice needs to keep the body warm but also nurtured, and nourished. It rocks. Cannot say enough.
Savannah, GA (First had it in Wilmington, NC) Elizabeth Massey

Really I am just writing this to tell people to GET THE PIRATE CHAI. Seriously, it's like crack- addictive, delicious...addictive. I've got my own bag mailed from the West coast.... It's most excellent in milkshake form as well.
-Meagan R., Washington DC

[...licking the bottom of the Pirate's Chai bag,] 'Green is the new crack.'
-Jen K., Woodland Hills, CA

...my favorite tea in the world: Pirate's Chai. [When I first tried it for our store] it was absolutely delicious. There was a solid month when I had Pirate's Chai every day for breakfast.
-Nicole W.

I lived in Hermosa Beach, CA for only a few months, but long enough to fall in love with your pirate's chai. I lived in Japan for a year, and know quality matcha. I grew up on a dairy farm near an amish community so I also know my spices. Thank you for making such a quality product!
I recently moved to Seattle, and while the city is beautiful and the people are nice, a little of your pirate's chai would be the frosting on my cake (i love frosting, but only the really good kind). I look forward to that sweet, spicy, earthy scent waking my nose as the cup warms my hands and my eyes enjoy the humble tones of green in my cup. :)
-Jenny E.

It has to be drugs. I love this drink more than Christmas.

Yes, in fact it is the most delicious of all concoctions. I'd drink it even if it wasn't good for me.

Lock Up Your Daughters, Pirate's Chai Takes Over LA
...it's about the best beverage i've ever tasted. To put it another way, it's sell-your-mother amazing. I'm not convinced it's not drugs.

I'm SUCH a fan. Literally can't get over the gorgeous color, smooth flavor... oh, I could go on!
Lady Serve Hot

...it's really yummy. Just what I'm looking for in a hot bevy.
Shannon N., Vancouver

I recently came across your product while in L.A. and fell in love with the taste. I was further impressed when I researched the beneficial properties of your tea. Something that tasted yummy and is good for you! yay!
Sara H., Seattle

Aye...yessser the brew is flavorfull and bold like a fresh brewed chai should be.
Not candy coated like those "chai" drinks you see in plastic bottles at the convienience store.
Brew fresh! I like it with unflavored soy.
Angus James, musician USA

I Just discovered a newfound addiction to blended Pirate's Chai. Oh damn, im drooling just thinking about it...
bourgeo, Venice, CA

Pirate's Chai Lattes arrr Delicious!
Nick's California Adventure

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